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BioIncubaTech is the High Technology Incubator for the promotion of innovation and biotechnology transfer in the field of health and food technologies to micro-SMEs.

BioIncubaTech is an initiative of the University of Santiago de Compostela (Spain), funded by INCYDE Foundation and included in the 2014ES16RFOP001 Smart Growth FEDER Operational Program, through the Intermediate Body of the Chamber of Commerce of Spain.

BioIncubaTech belongs to “High Technology Incubators for the promotion of innovation and technology transfer to micro-SMEs” Project, aimed to modernize the regional productive fabric. These Incubators are created as traction instruments aligned with the objectives of the EU 2020 and Horizon 2020 Strategy and will promote inter-regional cooperation, as well as collaboration between public and private sector agents at international level.



The University of Santiago de Compostela leads the project through its Area of Valorization, Transfer and Entrepreneurship. The project includes two partners: The Chamber of Commerce of Santiago de Compostela and Uninova – Business Innovative Initiatives, under the collaborative project formula. The project has the support of the Xunta de Galicia through GAIN – Galician Innovation Agency.



BioIncubaTech offers a centralized infrastructure, with high capacities based on high added value services, which, with a qualify human team and large experience in both the scientific/technological and business areas, provides a set of coordinated services for business acceleration.

Creation of micro SMEs

in the biotechnology sectors health and food sciences

Improvement of companies competitiveness

in bio health and food sciences technology sectors through technology transfer and incubation development actions, innovation promotion, mentoring, networking and communication actions

Technology transfer to productive system

making the double effect of improving competitiveness, but also the sustainability of the R + D + i action

International business advisory

promoting the reach of technological and commercial agreements with national and international strategic partners, international business development and, ultimately, to achieve being outstanding actors in global markets

Internationalization support

of R + D + i activities, especially in the field of technology transfer, inter and intra sectorial collaboration, talent adquisition and the sharing use of cutting-edge equipment


Biotechnology sector

The incubation of micro SMEs related to the biotechnology sector is proposed as a fundamental objective:

From the creation of technology-based companies that transfer relevant national and international research results to the market

To companies that need to improve and innovate in their processes regarding the biotechnological field, especially in health and food technology sectors both nationally and internationally.



The incubation of micro SMEs related to the biotechnology sector is proposed as a fundamental objective:

Projects in the pre-incubation phase

Projects in the incubation phase and

Projects in the acceleration phase

Activities Programme

In each of the participating projects, in any of the three phases in which it is found (pre-incubation, incubation or acceleration), a specific work program will be agreed.
In the work program specific characteristics and needs will be evaluated for the correct project development.

BioIncubaTech services offered:

Work Space

Selected micro-SMEs may expressly request a space in the facilities of BioIncubaTech, which will be equipped with the necessary logistical and technological infrastructure for the incubation and acceleration of the projects.

Bioincubatech will allow participating projects to have a cutting-edge infrastructure that includes:


  • Cell culture room
  • Molecular biology room
  • Sample storage area
  • Supplies
  • Equipment room


The experimental work areas for companies installed, are presented in two differentiated concepts:

Incubation modules and common use areas: as a coworking space with the aim of promoting synergies among the bioincubator users for sharing experiences, contacts, etc.; and a meeting space, in order to serve as a meeting point for incubated companies to develop commercial and / or technical meetings with their clients.


BioIncubaTech will facilitate the identification and incorporation of international talent, provinding managerial and commercial professionalization.


BioIncubaTech will work with consultants and headhunters to identify and recruit talent through a flexible, fast and efficient system.


It will allow a selection process and subsequent incorporation of national and international experts attending to the adjustment of the expectations of both parties. Thus, the company needs experts with high skills and experience in specific and vital areas to develop their business model. Reciprocally, the expert seeks a project that provides value and encouragement to his professional career, in addition to a remuneration commensurate with his worth.

Technology Transfer

Actions that aim to introduce innovation in companies through different transfer vehicles: companies creation, technology license agreements or joint ventures.


The actions are aimed at detecting transferable technologies, raising awareness in the business sector, support in the transfer, companies creation, or a new skills service (directive update).

Business Plan Validation

With the support of a specialized team of tutors and mentors, the projects will be supported in their business plan validation, transfer and market positioning.


Actions aimed at improving the performance of companies in the competitive environment, including actions of awareness and international networking, as well as the relationship with traditional sectors, such as the food sector.

Access to financial resources

BioIncubaTech technical staff will provide ongoing advice to micro SMEs about resources management to carry out their business plan.


It will work with the different resources available, either those specific to the bioincubator or the ones already existing. In this sense, BioIncubaTech will collaborate with the financing initiatives already existing at Galician, national and international level, specifically aimed at biotechnology companies.


Dissemination, promotion and publicity activities will be carried out continuously and in order to support the achievement of the main objectives of BioIncubaTech:


  • To organize an efficient internal communication between the project participating and collaborating entities.
  • To publicize the project and its dissemination tools to other collaborating actors.
  • To make the project known among micro-SMEs based on biotechnology and among potential entrepreneurs.
  • To inform and communicate the project results and activities to public and private organizations and entities at international level.
  • Professional and generalist social networks positionning as well as in internet in general.


Support in the internationalization process addressed to BioIncubaTech micro-SMEs, with a methodology in three phases:


  •  International project competitiveness diagnostic report
  • Information and referencing.
  • International promotion and support.


More information / Contact

Área de Valorización, Transferencia e Emprendemento (AVTE)
Universidade de Santiago de Compostela
Edificio Emprendia, Campus Vida, 15782 Santiago de Compostela- Spain

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    “BioIncubaTech – Incubadora de Alta Tecnología para el fomento de la innovación y transferencia de biotecnología en al ámbito de la salud y las tecnologías alimentarias a las micropymes” es una operación cofinanciada por el Fondo Europeo de Desarrollo Regional – FEDER dentro del Programa Operativo Plurirregional de España FEDER 2014-2020 PO Proyecto “Incubadoras de alta tecnología para el fomento de la innovación y la transferencia de la tecnología a las micropymes”