BIOARGOS21 is an entrepreneurship programme that seeks people willing to work in multidisciplinary teams around an innovative project in the field of Bio-Health and Agri-Food Technologies.

The BIOARGOS21 programme is an integrated initiative within the BioIncuBatech project. This project is led by the USC, through the area of Valorisation, Transfer and Entrepreneurship (AVTE), and incorporates the partnership with the Chamber of Commerce of Santiago de Compostela and UNINOVA, Innovative Business Initiatives.

Through the creation of these multidisciplinary teams, BIOARGOS21 encourages entrepreneurship and the construction of innovative business projects based on research results in the field of Bio-Health and agri-food technologies that the USC will make available to the teams, or any other business idea and technology provided by the participants themselves.

Why participate in the
Bio- Argos programme?

• You will participate in the creation of a business project that revolves around real research results.
• You will be part of a multidisciplinary team in which you will share knowledge, competences and skills.
• You will have specialised training, aimed at improving your business, sectorial or soft-skills skills.
• You will have the support of an expert mentor who will help you build a viable business project.
• You will have virtual and physical collaborative work spaces to develop your business project together with your team.

Who can participate?

Galician University System groups:
• Students in their final year of undergraduate studies.
• Postgraduate, master’s or doctoral students.
• Graduates of the latest graduating classes.
• Collaborators or staff of research groups and centres.

Other groups in Galicia:
• Business school students or graduates.
• Collaborators or staff of technology centres.

Programme Format and Phases

The programme is presented as a competition format. Participants will be distributed in multidisciplinary teams that will work on a research result provided by the USC, or any other business idea provided by the participants who have their own business project, competing to be the best project.
The support activities for the development of the business plan will take place from 10 May to 9 July 2021.

Selection of participants

Between 22 April and 3 May 2021

Selection from among the registered persons those who will have access to participate in each call of the programme.

Presentation of business ideas and teams

10 May 2021 – Training workshop 

Participants will interact, get to know each other, and allow the organisation to get to know their profiles and assess their skills.

13 May 2021 – Launch event 

The organisation will present the research results or the selection of own ideas/technologies contributed by the participants for each call.

From 14 to 18 May 2021 

Allocation of teams per call based on participants’ preferences and capacities.

Development of programme activities

Team training sessions aimed at enabling the members assigned to each team to get to know each other, to present their capabilities to the rest of the team, as well as to train and develop teamwork skills.

Training sessions to improve the skills of the work teams (digital marketing, soft-skills training, training in business areas, project presentation techniques, etc.).

Advice and support for the development of the business plan.

Visits to companies in the bio-health and agri-food technology sector.

Tutoring by expert staff in the definition of each of the sections to be included in the plan.

Access to spaces (virtual and physical) for them to work in groups.

Delivery of the business plan

Until 9 July 2021

Delivery of the business plan, wit the possibility of extending the date if the programme organisation deems it appropriate. This document will be the deliverable evaluated by the coordinating committee that will decide the winning project of each call.

Selection of the winners

October 2021 – Business plan defence event

The members of the working group will defend the project, which will be evaluated by the jury, made up of the BIOARGOS21 coordinating committee.

Prize-giving ceremony

Prize-giving event for the winner of each call (last phase of the programme).

3.000€ Bio-Health Project

3.000€ Agri-Food Technologies Award

Programme rules and registration

More information:
Valorisation, Transfer and Entrepreneurship Area (AVTE)

Phones: 881 815 586 / 982 822 854
E-mail address:

This action is part of the BioIncubatech project, co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund – FEDER, within the Pluri-regional Operational Programme of Spain FEDER 2014-2020 “High-tech incubators for the promotion of innovation and technology transfer to micro-SMEs INCYDE Foundation”.
FEDER co-financing of 80%.