Development of artificial molecules that allow the entry of genetic material and proteins into organisms

For the biotechnology sector, it is essential to have access to tools that allow different genetic engineering processes to be carried out efficiently and safely. However, when it comes to introducing exogenous genetic material into organisms, a mechanism known as transfection, there are a series of biological barriers that limit the efficiency of this process.
TraffikGene has developed a technology that allows the synthesis of large libraries of compounds capable of crossing these biological barriers, facilitating the entry of genetic material into the cells where it carries out its function, whether biotechnological or therapeutic.

Thanks to this approach, it is possible to effortlessly identify different compounds with excellent activity in the transport of different cargoes of interest and in different organisms. This strategy has made it possible to find molecules that are up to 10 times more efficient than currently available transfection reagents, as well as being less toxic.

  • Status at BioIncubaTech: Pre-incubation
  • Supporting activities: Validation of the business model, Access to finance

Outros proxectos

“BioIncubaTech – High Technology Incubator for the promotion of innovation and transfer of biotechnology in the field of health and food technologies to micro and SME’s” is an operation co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund – ERDF within the Pluri-regional Operational Programme of Spain ERDF 2014-2020 OP Project “High Technology Incubators for the promotion of innovation and transfer of technology to micro and SME’s”.


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